Title: More 4 Me (2011)
Director: Lincoln Fenner
Genre: Documentary/Adventure
Length: 88 min
Starring: Marina Prior, Vincent Jerosa and Lincoln Fenner

In the face of the global financial crisis we follow one man’s journey around the world as he asks, “What is the one thing we can’t live without?” Interviews with everyone from actors and models to orphans and street sweepers, leave us asking the question: Is it all about getting More 4 Me?

Title: Little Sparrows (2010)
Director: Yu-Hsiu Camille Chen
Genre: Drama
Length: 88 min
Starring: Nicola Bartlett, Nina Deasley, Melanie Munt, Arielle Gray and James Hagan

In the midst of an Australian summer, we meet three sisters. Nina is widowed with two young children. Anna is an aspiring actress unhappily married to a filmmaker. Christine is a med student who is yet to fully come to terms with her sexuality. When their mother Susan’s breast cancer returns, the family is faced with choices and the reality of their last Christmas together. Simple and sincere, Little Sparrows celebrates life and the unconditional love of a mother.

Title: Bitter Art (2010)
Director: Michael Hatch
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Length: 95 min
Starring: Christopher Morris, Dana Rosendorff, Vito de Francesco, Luke Dabic and Ben Purser

The story follows the journey of one man's volatile relationship with his friends as he embarks on a frantic attempt to complete a short film for an upcoming festival, whilst simultaneously endeavoring to hinder the efforts of the town's self-confessed hero.

Title: Crush (2009)
Director: Jeffrey Gerritsen, John V. Soto
Genre: Horror/Mystery/Thriller
Length: 82 min
Starring: Chris Egan, Emma Lung, Brooke Harman, Christian Clarke and Kane Manera

An American student studying in Australia mistakenly gets involved with a mysterious and unhinged girl while house-sitting for a rich family on vacation.